40,000km Walk

We walk around the world

To reduce harmful carbon emissions, in the months of October, November and December the IH community decided to walk or cycle instead of using the car, join us!

All of us at International House – teachers, colleagues, students, friends – would like to walk a combined 40,000 km. This will save emissions, and encourage us all to make changes to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Why walk 40,000 km ?

We have set a target of 40,000 km because that is the circumference of the earth. We want the whole IH community to walk around the earth by the end of the year, giving it a metaphorical hug.

How much CO2 will we save with 40,000 km?

Different cars burn different amounts of fuel, and it depends how new they are, how well maintained, and how well driven. But according to the European Environment Agency, the average emissions from new cars in 2018 was 120.4 grammes of CO2 per kilometre.

Walking 40,000 km instead of driving means saving 4,816 tonnes of CO2 greenhouse gas, as well as lots of harmful pollutants. This really is helping to protect our planet, and if we raise awareness and people change their habits for ever, that is wonderful.

How far have we walked so far?

In October and November IH school staff and students from around the world covered a total of 33,582km. Good job, everyone!! This means that we have almost reached our goal of 40,000 km. Help us too!

What can I do?

Get around more by bike or on foot, especially for the small commutes every day. You will see that there are several positives: you will be in better shape, you will have more time to enjoy the city and you will not have to look for parking! For example, why not walk to school for your English lesson ?!