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Do you want to improve your English at no cost?

Apply for our free online English course!

A free course, how is this possible?

International House Milano e San Donato is not only a private language school but also a training center for English teachers. Like all students, teachers who follow our training courses also need to practice, in this case by practicing to teach English.

The free courses are the English language courses which accompany the CELTA training courses (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). These courses are taught by prospective English language teachers during their internship. By participating you will do 2 good things: you will improve your English and you will help future teachers get their diploma!

When do the free courses take place?

The free courses available vary throughout the year according to the needs of our teacher training department. The free English courses can take place online, in live streaming, or in presence, at International House Milano in Viale Brenta 27. Days and times of the lessons vary according to the level of English of the participants. The courses available are the following:

  • FACE TO FACE COURSE (PRE & UPPER INTERMEDIATE LEVEL): from 11 September to 6 October 2023, in the morning (9:30-12:00) from Monday to Friday. Face-to-face lessons at the International House Milano school in Viale Brenta 27 in Milan (M3 Brenta).

People who have the required level of English can join all the courses listed, even those that have already started.

How can I participate?

The attendance of the free courses is open to all, the only condition is to possess the required level of English. So first you need an assessment of your level of English. The linguistic assessment is free and consists of taking our online English test. You can start the procedure right away by following this link and indicating that you are interested in a “CELTA tutored course”.

Do you want some clarifications before taking the test? Write to


If you are selected for this course, please respect your commitment by attending the scheduled lessons. Trainee English teachers will be eagerly awaiting your arrival and would be very disappointed if you decide not to attend the class without even giving notice.

Are there any costs to bear?

A cash deposit of Euro 50.00* is required which must be paid before the start of the course to confirm effective participation and which will be returned once the course is completed only if at least 80% of the hours have been attended; this is to guarantee teachers the continuous presence of a homogeneous group and also to facilitate the student in the appropriate language learning path.

* for the unemployed, the deposit is not required but the unemployment certificate will be required

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