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Choose the frequency and content of the lessons!

With our Italian personalised courses courses you can plan your lessons according to your specific needs, both in terms of frequency of the lessons and their content. This type of course adapts to your  characteristics and needs, allowing you to progress rapidly.

While the extensive courses are organised with a single teacher, to favour continuity, the intensive courses are taught by two or three teachers to allow you to hear different accents and to make the course more varied.

The courses can be either extensive, booking a minimum of 20 lessons and setting the days and times of the lessons, or more intensive, according to four convenient formulas.

Personalised one-to-one lessons, planned according to your needs

  • Lessons in school, in company or online
  • Ideal if you want to cover specific aspects of the language
  • In-depth analysis of your needs at the start of the course
  • Flexible calendar for lessons
  • Lessons available also via Skype/Zoom
  • Prices
    • 10 lessons: € 600 (at school) | € 500 (online)
    • 20 lessons: € 1.180 (at school) | € 980 (online)
    • 30 lessons: € 1.740 (at school) | € 1.440 (online)
    • enrolment fee € 30 (it includes placement test, welcome pack, course book and material, end of course certificate)

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