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Online courses

The quality of our communicative method, now online.

The online learning formula guarantees all the quality of our courses directly from home.

The effectiveness of our communicative method is ensured by the excellence of our teachers and by the choices of the didactic direction, not by the presence in the classroom.

The online formula applies to most of our proposals: Italian courses as well as training courses for language teachers.

How online courses work?


  • The written test online is followed by an oral test on the phone lasting about 10 minutes, to be agreed with the school
  • The course didactic material is provided digitally
  • The teacher sends the link to the lesson by e-mail and simply click on the link to access it
  • When connecting, we suggest using headphones to limit ambient background noise
  • For individual courses you can keep the microphone on to interact as you wish with the teacher, while in group courses it is good to turn it on only when speaking
  • The assignments assigned by the teacher are then checked together during the next lesson


Discover the active offers for online courses.

Online courses

The online formula applies to most of our proposals. Same courses, same quality.

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