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The history of International House Milan & San Donato

International House Milan & San Donato was founded in San Donato Milanese in 1982 by Sieglinde Wolkan and Claudio Tedesco as Centro Lingue Tradint.

In 1997, a second school was opened in Milan city centre, just a stone’s throw from the Duomo Cathedral and the school became affiliated with the International House World Organisation, the international organisation set up in 1953, renowned throughout the world for the high standards of quality and professionalism it expects from its affiliated language schools.

International House Milano

The history of International House World Organisation

About Us

Founded in 1953 by John and Brita Haycraft, International House World Organisation is one of the largest and oldest networks of language schools in the world. The International House network is currently present in 52 different countries and on every continent with over 160 affiliated language schools.

IH Client Promise

  • We will help you learn and progress by designing well- structured courses and educational support services.
  • Before enrolling we will listen to your needs and give you guidance on choosing the right course. This may involve a language level test and an interview.
  • You will be given clear and accurate information about all aspects of your course, examination or other service.
  • You will be taught by qualified teachers or trainers, who regularly receive up to date professional development. Younger learners will be taught by teachers trained to meet their specific needs.
  • Your course will be supervised by skilled educational managers who will make sure the content is up to date, the school has the right resources, and whose goal is to help you have a positive experience.
  • Your learning will be regularly assessed during your course to help you progress. You will have opportunities to discuss how to improve.
  • You will be encouraged to give us feedback so we can continue to improve while you are still studying with us.
  • Diversity is celebrated at International House and we are committed to treating everybody fairly and equally.

A high-quality language school

The quality guaranteed by International House is the result of the experience and know-how of its teachers. At the heart of everything there is a concept of constant development and enrichment, fulfilled by the constant and systematic training of our teachers. 

All our teachers are native speakers or bilingual, with certifications for language teaching such as CELTADELTA or equivalent, and all are experienced in their field of specialisation.

Our teachers take part in periodic refresher courses on teaching methods and techniques for approaching students with the aim of constantly improving their quality as teachers. If you want to be the best teacher, you never stop learning!

To complete the picture, our didactic management establishes the content of all courses, periodically observes the lessons, coordinates and supports the teachers and makes sure that everything goes as planned.

International House Milan & San Donato and the environment

International House Milan joins Greta Thunberg’s protest against environmental degradation and has decided to do its part as best as possible. Preempting the timing of politics, from April 11, 2019 we have given completely recyclable PET bottles to all our students, so that they can always carry the bottles with them. We have also replaced the disposable plastic cups of the hot drink dispensing machines with biodegradable cups. 

Environmental sustainability is an important value for our school and we are demonstrating it with many small daily choices, such as “leafleting without leaflets”. Last year we advertised our courses without printing the classic cardboard flyers, thus avoiding wasting paper and creating waste, but using only a giant flyer and a QR code to access all the information online.

In addition to this, we have completed a project we have been working on for a long time: the installation of solar panels on the roof of our school in San Donato.

It is only a small step towards a more ecological approach, but we hope it will serve as an example and incentive for everyone who knows us and frequents the school.

About Us

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