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TKT CLIL Preparation Course

TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) is a Cambridge English exam that assesses the theoretical and practical skills of teachers in state and private schools. This exam, for teachers in primary, secondary and high schools, is aimed both at teachers with many years of experience and teachers entering the world of teaching. TKT is not designed solely for language teachers but also and above all for teachers of other subjects interested in teaching according to the CLIL method (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

The course prepares participants for the CLIL Module of the TKT exam. Level B2 is required to take the exam.

TKT training for teachers

International House offers teachers a specific preparation course for the TKT exam.

The TKT-CLIL preparation course sessions are held exclusively in English and cover the basic concepts and methods essential for applying the CLIL method in class, for example:

  • Organisation and planning of lessons and practical activities
  • Sourcing and selection of teaching materials and resources
  • Use of modern technology
  • Support strategies
  • Assessment

The TKT-CLIL preparation course is very practical and suggests activities that can be used immediately in class. Participants are encouraged to experiment with new techniques in their working environment and to discuss these with their tutor and colleagues.

We are really enjoying the course and are taking so much advantage out of it. It enables us to rethink thoroughly not only our clil teaching, but also whole teaching. 

Participant in the TKT CLIL course

TKT CLIL preparation course

*Our school is a certified member of AISLI, an association accredited to teach state and private school teachers: you can spend your “Buono Scuola” here! 

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