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Teaching English to Young Learners

International House offers teachers the opportunity to take specific training courses for teaching English to Young Learners.

The training is conducted by experienced trainers with years of experience in teaching English to children. The programs are designed for teachers with teaching qualifications who wish to approach teaching at Young Learners.

Teaching English to Young Learners

Why choose International House’s training courses:

  • Because the trainers available are experienced and highly qualified, with International House certification or equivalent and vast experience in teaching
  • Because the programs are well structured and designed to meet the real needs of teachers
  • Because they are practical courses from which you leave with a wealth of ideas and suggestions to be applied immediately in the classroom
  • Because the lessons are delivered in small homogeneous groups

Choose the best course for you

IHVYL training 

In-service course and certificate designed to prepare teachers of English to teach children between 3 and 6 years old

Young Learners Starter Kit

Online course aimed at teachers who want to broaden their knowledge in the area of Young Learners

IHCYLT training 

In-service qualification for CELTA (or equivalent) trained teachers to develop their skills in teaching 6-17 year olds

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