Mixed Mode CELTA

Are you thinking about doing the CELTA? You may be undecided about whether the face to face or online version is right for you and you probably want to gain experience in both teaching environments.

Following on from the success of the 100% online live CELTA which IH Milan helped to pioneer at the very beginning of the pandemic, Cambridge has now introduced the Mixed Mode CELTA. This course allows trainees to gain classroom experience and participate in the course in both the online and face to face formats.

As per Cambridge requirements, trainees carry out half their teaching practice face to face and the other half online. On the IH Milan Mixed Mode CELTA trainees will also carry out input face to face when doing this part of the course – a welcome chance to have human contact with fellow trainees and tutors! Input on the online half of the course will be live in real-time using the zoom platform.

The course requirements on the Mixed Mode CELTA are exactly the same as any other CELTA course, as are the course content and syllabus. In addition, to ensure that trainees are familiar enough with both environments before assessed teaching IH Milan has built in live demonstration lessons as well as unassessed teaching in both formats.

IH Milan runs approximately 10 CELTA courses a year and all of our courses are overseen by a full-time Head Teacher Trainer. Whether you’re at the beginning of your English teaching journey or whether you have experience under your belt, our courses will challenge and stretch you, make you question your teaching practices, and teach you skills that will last a lifetime.

You can read more about our vision here: https://ihmilano.com/why-ih-milan-celta/ and more about how CELTA at IH Milan has influenced former trainees here: https://ihmilano.com/celta-a-year-later/.

For more information contact teachertraining@ihmilano.it – we hope to see you on CELTA course soon!

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