IH Milan at the Cambridge Preparation Centres Awards

As a Platinum Center for Cambridge English certifications we participated in the eighth edition of the “Preparation Centers Awards” at the sumptuous Villa Wolkonsky in Rome. This year two of our preparation centers were awarded:

  • Collegio Ballerini di Seregno for the “Inspiring Cambridge Story” category, an award for schools that have an important story to tell, relating to the commitment of the educational world to shaping a better future

Over the years, I have managed to build a group of former students who return to help as invigilators and supervisors during exam sessions. There are now many former students (including a lawyer, 1 architect, 2 engineers, etc.) who have become part of our ‘Cambridge Team’, the pride of our school community. When they took their exams they breathed an atmosphere of serenity and professionalism, and now they are enthusiastic about helping new candidates. ‘Give back’ has become our team’s motto!

Prof.ssa Fabiola Galli
Collegio ″Ballerini″, Seregno (MB)


  • Liceo Vittorio Veneto in Milan for the “Digital Assessment” category, an award for schools that have distinguished themselves in the provision of computer-based exams in the 2022-23 school year

Below are some photos from the awards ceremony.

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