Changing and challenging times

Interview with Stephanie Holme, Teacher Trainer: DELTA/CELTA & CELTA Assessor at IH Milano & San Donato

How do you get by with the limits caused by COVID 19?

Here at IH Milan and San Donato, we like to think of changes and challenges as opportunities for growth and development and not something to be afraid of. These are exciting times and we want to make the most of the current situation and continue to help people develop professionally.

Therefore TT courses are still running?

In May we’ll start our very first 100% online CELTA course and we are proud to say that we are amongst the first centers to do this!!

Did you make any changes to the course?

To help our trainee teachers to adapt to this new style of teaching and learning, we are running the intensive course over a longer period of time, and shorter days, but rest assured that the course content and the qualification will remain the same!

Comment by Letizia Polidori Rossi, teacher in the DELTA course 

“As a teacher, I consider teaching online a great opportunity. It is quite similar to face-to-face teaching, but it has a lovely twist. Teaching online allows both teachers and learners to familiarize themselves with new digital tools and enjoy most features of a traditional lesson at the same time. Despite the “digital” distance, there is excellent interaction among learners who can benefit from group work in breakout rooms, and both teacher and learners can share lively and straightforward communication. “

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