Stop thinking about it. Let’s DO this!

Does it seem like every English class that you’ve ever taken is a bit of the same thing?  Are you unhappy with your progress in learning English? Do you feel unconfident speaking and using the language? If you have answered “yes” to any of these, you’ve come to the right place!  

Learning a language as an adult, is difficult, yes, but far from impossible.  If we start from the premise that “we are our greatest critic” and realize that “success never comes overnight”, we have already tricked our mind into enjoying our learning journey.  As with anything, success comes from enjoyment, dedication, hours of trial and error and guidance along the way.  This is our objective at International House Milan-San Donato.  With our newly formulated adult evening courses, our aim is to have you “learn to do and do to learn”.  But what exactly does that mean?

We have crafted courses where you both study at home through a dedicated platform and coursebook, as well as, receive input and practice in a small class led by one of our expert and highly, qualified teachers.  However, that’s the same everywhere, isn’t it?  For IH Milan, it does not stop there.  Another important aspect of your course are the mini projects.  These can be done individually or in groups and could take many forms, such as seen below:   


Our students at various levels and ages have thought up these amazing ideas below, proving to themselves (and us!) that it is possible to step out of the routine and explore a passion, in English.  The best thing of all?  We’ve all learnt a thing or two:


So, we asked our students:

What do you enjoy about your English lessons? They said:

  • I really enjoy the constant dialogue I have with my classmates. (student from Advanced)
  • Mi piace molto il fatto che siamo un Gruppo ristretto di student, apprezzo anche la didattica via zoom online. (student from Pre-Intermediate)
  • L’insegnante riesce a coinvolgerci nella lezione con entusiasmo e professionalità, la lezione è piacevole e mai noiosa. (student from Pre-Intermediate)
  • Although we do the lessons at 7 pm, after a working day, it’s pleasure and interesting. (student from Intermediate A)
  • Le lezioni sono state sempre attive e coinvolgenti. (student from Upper Intermediate A)

And specifically, about whether the mini project was useful?  Their answers were:

  • Il progetto di gruppo è stato utile perchè per migliorarmi avevo bisogno del confronto con altre persone, facendomi uscire dalla mia comfort zone (student from Advanced)
  • Yes, I think it is useful because I can practice English in a different way (student in Upper Intermediate B)
  • It’s good to improve writing and speaking (student from Intermediate A)
  • The group project is useful to brainstorm our ideas, to put it into a context and to express in English (student in Advanced)
  • Sì, per mettere alla prova le proprie capacità (student from Upper Intermediate B)
  • Sì, penso che sia molto utile per migliorare la mia capacità di comprendere l’inglese scritto (student from Pre-Intermediate)

So, as we bring term 1 and 2020 to a close, we look forward to term 2 and a brand new year! It is never too late to start your learning journey.  In fact, we’d be honoured to be a part of it so that we could learn a thing or two from you, too.

Socialising in English is the best way to practice your English! 

Here’s our programme for 2021, stay tuned…

JanuaryAustralia Day Quiz
FebruaryLatin American Dance Night
MarchTell me a story
AprilStrictly Cooking
MayNetflix Club
MayBook Club
JuneVirtual City Tour

Sonya Punch is Director of Studies at International House Milan & San Donato. Sonya oversees the teaching and professional development of a team of 25 teachers, develops IH Milano’s core adult and teen courses, and ensures quality across the English department. She also keeps a firm foot in the classroom preparing students for exams and working with business clients.

CELTA and DELTA qualified, Sonya is also a scientist with a Master of Science in Geology and spent the first half of her career in the Oil and Gas industry.

Stop thinking about it. Let’s DO this!
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